Ron Snyder

ron-snyder-webRon Snyder, USAF 1956-1960

Hear Ron’s story or read it below.

One Friday night me, David Garringer and Bob Pendleton was sitting on the square talking. We decided we needed to get out and see more of the world. We all three got up the next day and went and joined the service. Two air force and one army.

I went to France, Saudi Arabia, stopped in Athens for a day, stopped in Rome for a day, got back to France. While I was there we went to Paris, climbed the Eiffel Tower. I got transferred to Germany, Hahn Germany, wasn’t there too long, I was an overage so then sent me to Ramstein Landstuhl. That’s where I met Dave one day, he was in town. I came back to the states and went to Turner air force base in Georgia and that’s where I got my discharge.

I don’t regret going, I had a great time.

All images ©Steve Snyder, Images of the Ozarks.

One thought on “Ron Snyder

  1. Thanks Snyder for your service. I enjoyed working with you at the Telephone company. You kept things interesting.
    Charles Carey


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