About The Freedom Endeavor.

Ever wonder where we get our freedom from? The freedoms that most of us take for granted? The Freedom Endeavor recognizes the contributions of everyday citizens who have served in the US military, those who have taken the oath to protect our Constitutional freedoms. We see them everyday, we meet them on the street, at the market, but how do we distinguish the people responsible for our freedoms and liberties?

The Freedom Endeavor honors these Veterans through the use of dramatic artistic photography as well as audio/video and text media. Each Veteran is photographed as we would see them currently, in everyday civilian life. They are photographed holding a picture of themselves from their time in the service. The contrast between their current appearance and their service time can be vastly different. A short audio/video interview is recorded with their story on how their service time affected their lives and why they took the oath. Their images and their stories are showcased on this website, The Freedom Endeavor.

The project has completed its first goal of photographing enough Veterans for a large gallery exhibition. Images are exhibited as 24”x36” framed black and white photographs. Clips from their audio interview are transcribed and placed on cards beside them in the exhibition. Links to their audio stories will also be available for people to hear stories in the Veterans own voice as they view the show. Exhibition arrangements are being made for future exhibitions in other available spaces throughout the country.

Future goals are additional gallery exhibits throughout the region and country, and to continue to document Veterans around the country, expanding the website with the actual audio/video recorded interviews and possibly a book highlighting their pictures and stories.

How can you experience The Freedom Endeavor? There are several options.

1. The Freedom Endeavor in your public or gallery space. You can sponsor an exhibit of the Freedom Endeavor’s current collection in a public or gallery space. You will be charged a nominal rental fee and shipping charges for the exhibit. A custom quote can be provided based upon the number of framed images required for your exhibit space. Currently there are 23 framed 24″ x 36″ images in the growing collection. Along with the gallery images you will receive wall plaques. Each plaque contains the Veterans name, service dates and a few paragraphs transcribed from their story. Also on the plaques is a link to hear the Veterans story in their own voice on your smartphone.

2. The Freedom Endeavor in your community or business. Create your own permanent Freedom Endeavor display for your community or business. We work with community leaders, historical societies, businesses, organizations such as the American Legion, etc. to bring your community or business its own permanent Freedom Endeavor display. You supply the veterans you would like honored in your display. We will photograph and record their stories creating a display your community or business will be proud of. You can choose from 2 different sizes of final framed prints for display. These recorded stories will also be donated to your local historical society for a permanent record of these honored veterans’ histories.

3. The Freedom Endeavor in your life. If you are a Veteran or a family member of a Veteran already in the Freedom Endeavor project you can purchase additional copies of that Veterans image for your collection. Multiple sizes are available to fit your space and budget allowing you to create your own memory.

Each Veteran has a different story. Each Veteran has a different face.

The Freedom Endeavor started as an idea that photographer Steve Snyder had as a way to honor and preserve the legacy of America’s Veterans. Join in on his journey to recognize our country’s defenders of Freedom and Liberty.

Recent Publicity

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2019 Celebration at the Station with the Kansas City Symphony, Freedom Endeavor at minute 27:10 – 29:25: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TaXc0FJ11CM&t=1914s

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2019 Missouri Arts Awards: https://vimeo.com/318744997

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All images ©Steve Snyder, Images of the Ozarks.