Richard Sells

Richard Sells Final

Richard Sells, US Navy 1954-1956

Listen to Richard’s story or read it below.

I’m from Springfield, Missouri, and branch of service is the Navy Reserves, and I was in there from ‘54, on active duty, from ‘54 to ‘56, and I was a seaman in the US Navy. Why did I join? I wanted to get my time over with I guess. It didn’t affect my life, but it was a change.

I had a good time in the Navy. I think being in the military’s the best thing there is. I don’t know. I liked it, and I’d do it again.

One of the guys on our ship, he run the LCM and LCVP. Somewhere he got fishing rod and reels, and we went fishing and didn’t catch anything. We was by a ship that had sunk, and we tied up there. Where he got the rod and reels, I don’t know, but he knew. He was a funny guy. He had a Harley Davidson, and he’d run that thing. Oh, man.

Mostly, we re-armed aircraft carriers. That’s about the only thing we done, and we picked up some bombs there in Inchon, 500-pounders. But I didn’t like Korea. Boy, it’s cold. Think about that North Korean. That young guy. He’s a snake, ain’t he? He’s bad.

I’ve been seasick a lot of times. I run to the fantail and let it go. I was on an ammunition ship out of the Port of Chicago. They had one blow up in World War II, killed all of them. They were all black guys loading up. I guess they dropped a can of powder or something. There wasn’t nothing left of that ship, just the anchor, and they found it in the yard somewhere quite a ways, long ways.

Was even in China, I was in Hong Kong, too. I had a lot of fun though. If I had the same crew, the guys and everything. We had one on there from Springfield, and that’s where I’m from, but he died. Of course, we’re all going to do that.

I got a bowl of soup over at Hong Kong. You know what it was? Octopus legs. You could see the suction cups, little tiny ones. Eww, I didn’t eat that, no.

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